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NAGLFAR "pariah" LP


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colored vinyl.

After five years of limited musical activity (only one EP), Naglfar released "Sheol" (2003) and regained their high position in the "Musical Map". Naglfar work now like a full time band, as their next release comes only two years later (there was a bigger lag between their previous releases). Something really important to mention, is that the vocalist (who was also one of the founders of the band) Jens Rydén, leaves Naglfar and the vocals position goes to the band's bassist, Kristoffer "Wrath" Olivius.

The new album was named "Pariah" and it is an excellent Melodic Black Metal album made from one of the best bands in this style. You expect to hear nothing new in this album, as Naglfar are fairly consistent in their musical direction. Great melodies, amazing drumming with many blast beats, nice black metal vocals (Kristoffer Olivius is excellent in his new role) and some of the most misanthropic lyrics ever written are the reasons why all the albums of this band are great.

Once more, Naglfar gave us all these in the biggest dose! The music on "Pariah" is top-hole and all the songs are really great! Even "Proclamation", the intro of "Pariah", sounds to me perfect, as with the phrase "Your flesh is now ours" repeated ceaselessly with rage and evilness -like one hundred hyenas surround you with only aim your death-, it shows you what's going to follow! There is no weak song on "Pariah". I don't want to mention my favorite songs, as it will be unfair for the other, but I'll make only one exception mentioning the best song of this album: "And The World Shall Be Your Grave"! A relentless song with blasphemous lyrics, terrific drumming, totally perfect melodies (the one in the chorus is killing me) and a marvelous solo completing this incredible misanthropic song!

In conclusion, the changes in the lineup of the band didn't cause a problem. Naglfar are a consistent band who doesn't like to experiment. They have (almost) their own style of playing and they keep on releasing good albums. "Pariah" is one of these, it has excellent songs; musically it's a fabulous record, but it may sound boring sometimes, especially if you are not so much into this style. If this happens, just give it a try and don't drop it in the chest with your old shoes, you may regret it! (metalstorm)