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LIGFAERD " dagen for os - natten for eder" LP


Image of LIGFAERD " dagen for os - natten for eder" LP

Finally a vinyl release for ligfaerd's 2nd album. Limited to 200 copies

"strong, worthy and recommendable black metal effort, with great quality. So, if you masturbate with the sounds of last Marduk records, if you dig Mayhem, if you worship sick and filthy aura of Funeral Mist records and even obscurity and grimness of mid-era Darkthrone, then Ligfaerd is for you.

Ligfaerd definitely sounds more or less like a mixture of the bands, which I just mentioned. Their music is filled with great uncompromising and aggressive, often fast and always vicious sounding black metal. The riffage is sharp and relentless, basically derived of any melodic patterns, but somehow the music can sometimes sound quite memorable and catchy, especially when the tempo slows down. I like these riffs a lot and the atmosphere that is in the music is simply perfect. Great vocals also, Sod (who, by the way, is also member of Ogdru Jahad and Psychomorphis) did killer job, even if his voice is quite similar to Arioch's. I have to say that such vocal performance gives a lot to the whole sound of the music. It gives more sick and darker feeling to it, but it also adds more viciousness and completes the music. It wouldn't sound as good if the vocals were just average." metal-archives