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Image of BARROWLANDS "thane" TAPE

From Portland, Oregon, hail BARROWLANDS an epic and primitive-sounding black metal/goth/folk band that is highly reminiscent of heavyweights in the genre like Enslaved, Agalloch, Velnias, Botanist, Primordial and, to some degree, also Wolves in the Throne Room. There is deep and textured melody in this band, and their black metal roots run deep in the ancient tradition of the genre, and are anchored to the finest hour of Scandinavian viking and pagan metal. The riffing and arrangements are really eerie, melodic and highly evocative, materializing vast and sorrowful sonic landscapes of loss, abandon and redemption through the worship of the natural world far away from the human sphere. Highly recommended for any fans or more introverted, sorrowful, melodic and meditative blackened folk/progressive metal.