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IMHA TARIKAT "kara ihlas" CD


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With their roots in Turkey & Germany, Mülheim-based Black Metal duo IMHA TARIKAT is set to release their hotly anticipated debut album titled 'Kara Ihlas', due out January 18th 2019 on Vendetta Records! Formed in 2015 by band mastermind Ruhsuz Cellât, IMHA TARIKAT released their critically acclaimed KENOBOROS EP in 2017 with Terratur Possessions, followed by a worldwide deal with Berlin-based Black Metal cult label Vendetta.
The band's full-length debut Kara Ihlas, which can be translated as the 'black purity', drawns its influences from the Quran and a prayer to crave for salvation and mercy of the dead souls. The album is divided into four chapters and phases, with the goal of self-reflection and to motivate the listener to unfold pressures and grief, to become more honest and emotional with yourself, to mature in your own life and as a human.

Says the band: "With great joy, today we announce: The release date for our debut-album has been set! On 18 January 2019 Kara Ihlas will be unleashed on vinyl, CD and tape. 8 Hymns of unbound power, passion bursting like a storm! There will be further insight with the release moving closer. We welcome you to take part in our journey. Take heed!“