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LOTH / FRIISK - split LP


Image of LOTH / FRIISK - split LP

When it comes to life on Earth, it seems we are taking things for granted
But it's ok. Nature will take care of us her own way.
And there's nothing to be afraid of, for death is just another part of the cycle
And we are not here to stay.

This record deals with the lyrical concept of an environment recovering from humanity's absence and the inevitable demise of our species as a part of the cycle of life. We are dependend on nature, but nature is not dependend on us. The artwork was done by Chris Kiesling from Misanthropic Art and is directly intertwined with the lyrical concept of both songs. The lyrics to Kien Kummweer are written in low-german, the lyrics to Warndt are written in french. Both bands showcase an effort of exploring with their sound with Loth taking a route that utilizes influences from progressive music and Friisk delving into doomier and melodious territories.