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LOS "Solblót" LP


Image of LOS "Solblót" LP

LOS is a Drone/Roots project which takes its roots into Nordic shaman art and traditions. LOS was created by the multi-instrumentalist Søren Sol, also known for his involvement as a bassist in the Viking Folk Rock band Krauka who have released 8 albums and played concerts worldwide.

"Solblót is reaching out to a place in my mind where few other musical projects gets to, the place that hungers for the dark, ancient and trancelike energy, placed in a modern context. Søren Sols voice and harmonies is a raw, haunting and authentic force that combined with his bas, ensures that Solblót is succeeding in creating their own, unique sound. Thank you for this, and congratulations on a debut that will bring joy to many followers of the dark sounds from the North" - Maria Franz from HEILUNG